10 QUICK Staging Tips to have your home show ready.

  1. Remove clutter or all your dust catchers. Your collectibles and personal belongings can be distracting. Once your house is on the market it is now open to the public. Put away your valuables and your beautiful dust catchers.

2. Clean up your cords for TV; computers they can look messy and be distracting.

3. Clear table tops, desks, and vanities

4. Remove extra furniture or large furniture.

To make your rooms appear larger and have more space.

5. Open up your clean blinds or curtains. Let the natural light pour in.

6. Add something green into your room with a plant even if artificial.

This will makes a room feel fresh and alive.

7. Make the beds later the pillows and add decorative throw blanket at foot of bed

8. Add neutral decor to places you want potential buyers to look.

Small vignettes groupings of 3 creates eye appeal.

9. Remove your shower soaps and bottles in the shower. Organize them under your sink.

10. Remove trash

Staging Benefits

When you hear that you may want to consider staging. I imagine there are a few things that run thru your mind such as how much will that cost me? How much work is this going to entail? Then you may take it to a personal level of so… you really think my house is less than desirable. Trust me it is none of that. Yes, it may take little money and I mean little money compared to what you can get in return. If you could spend $100 and get double + in return isn’t it worth the bit of money and sweat equity? I’d say so. Look at the above picture on the left, the peach walls and deeper shade of drapery that isn’t going to appeal to every buyer besides that, it looks old and a bit drab and dreary. Wouldn’t you say? Now look at the staged picture on the right. Same room (I know you can tell) the room looks fresh and inviting. By changing the paint color, removing the colored furniture and drapes it has opened up the space, this space will appeal to more potential buyers and I know for sure they can imagine themselves in that space and how they would use it. I know you like the change and so do I. Realtors especially me (Chris Page) want you to get the most out of your home investment. Realtors are wealth finders. As a realtor is is my job, to find that buried potential in a home and bring it to the surface. By showing potential and visions we are able to market you home as the most desirable on the market. Earning you TOP DOLLAR. If you are looking for a home stager I am happy to assist. Your Wealth Finder Chris Page

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