Candles, Odors and Open House

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

We all love candles and it is getting to that time of season where you see more and more candles burning. I love candles just as much as next person. I can already smell the fragrance of pumpkin spice, How about you? I burn candles for the fragrance, and the warm and cozy atmosphere they can create, and I am certain I am not the only one. Let’s chat though as a realtor I have gone into empty homes where there are burning candles!! YIKES and several of them sometimes one in every room. That is a little excessive, don’t you think? Immediately buyers that are looking at the home start tHicking what are the sellers trying to cover up? Is there a odor? What’s the deal? Sometimes the fragrance can be overpowering or the potential buyer could be sensitive to certain fragrance and will need to leave the home before touring the entire house.

Here are some alternative ideas to safely add fragrance to your home especially for home showings/tours.

Electric wax warmer

Essential oil diffuser

Diffuser sticks

Room Spray

Here is a recipe you can make for less than 50 cents and its only 3 ingredients.

1 1/2c. Baking soda

3c. water

30-40 drops of essential oil

Plastic spray bottle

Candles are pretty and carry a nice fragrance but please do not leave them burning in unattended home, this realtor will blow them out. Did you know, that candles are responsible for 15% of home fire deaths per year. There are reports that show there are 35 reported home fires / day in the US. ( lets not become a statistic.

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