Chris’ 10 Best Tips for Moving

Is a move in your near future here are my top 5 tips to help ensure you a stress free move.

1.) Create a “Essential Box”. I would use a clear plastic tub and when you have it full place it in the car so it doesn’t get lost amongst other packed boxes. What to put in your Essential Box. Scissors, box cutter, paper towels, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, dish soap, hand soap, plastic silverware, paper plates, cups, and bowls oh, and maybe a shower curtain. Another suggestion would be to pack your coffee or Kcups along with your favorite coffee mugs.

2.) Group your hanging clothes and pull up a trash bag up around them. That way if anything falls off a hanger it stays in the bag and the bag of hangers is easier to transport.

3.) Have a silverware tray just wrap it up with plastic wrap.

4.). Place your spices in a pot or crockpot and tape the lid on.

5.) Leave your clothes in the drawers and carry drawers out separate and place back in the dresser. Then use the plastic wrap to keep drawers from falling out in move. This will make the dresser lighter to move and everything is easier to put your room back together.

6.) Use different color duct tape to match to room it will be going into and then place that duct tape color on the door of wall that, that particular box will be moved into. Duct tape could peel the finish off wood or wall, so make sure to place it on paper before taping to wall. Use masking tape to adhere to door or wall. This way movers or helpers could see box color and match to room. Saves a lot of stopping and answering questions.

7.) Grab boxes from liquor stores or bars these boxes already have separators. This makes moving glassware so much easier.

8.) Take a picture of the back of electronics that way there is no guessing on how it goes back together.

9.) Use large ziplock bags to keep hardware or furniture pieces together and then tape that bag to the piece of furniture.

10.) Create a toolbox that will move in the car with your essential box. This will include a tape measure, stud finder, screw drivers everything you needed to take your furniture apart so you can quickly get it put back together.

Oh, and don’t move your suitcases empty. Use them for books and other items.

Bonus Tip:

Set your bedrooms up first. Make sure your beds are made and ready, so when are ready to pass out you can just fall into bed for a good sleep.

See below for some additional tips and tricks.

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