Christmas Decor, Topeka Country Club and the 2020 Porch Tour

It's that time and everybody seems anxious to get this year done and over with. I am for sure one of those people as well. So maybe if we all decorate early it will get over faster. We can only hope. Right? The porch tour is in full swing with getting 20 porches across Topeka decorated and trying to make them look all different, it is challenging and fun. But in the mean time I take time out to get the Topeka Country Club decorated. This is one of my favorite jobs. I love the people there and all the members that come in and comment make it fun for me. This year we decided to switch Topeka Country Club up a bit and go with blue. The exterior of the club needs to be decorated a week before Thanksgiving to accommodate a fund raising event that is Christmas themed. I wish I had a picture of it in the dark and all lit up.

This year I decided I wanted to try and customize their front door wreath. I took their logo, painted it onto a board and placed it in the center of the wreath. It was something fun to customize. I do wish I had painted it with blue however. Maybe the next one.

Porch tour is up next on my agenda since my other decorating has been cancelled with the office closed. I am super excited about the porch tour. I have had a lot of fun organizing it. I have been learning about technology, digging down deep to get even more creative and even though its not easy for me I have learned to ask for help. If you haven't grabbed your ticket/map for the tour be sure to grab yours here.

The proceeds from the ticket/map sales go back to our community. My team hopes to be able to help provide Christmas to at least 3 families in Topeka area that have been affected by Covid. We hope to provide Christmas dinner, help stock pantry and provide presents for people in the home.

Please consider donating or buying a ticket to help with this cause.

The tour is Dec. 4th-6th day or evening drive with a virtual tour available. So all can enjoy the tour. When you buy a ticket you get into the membership page which is a secret page where you will get sneak peaks, coupons and you will be registered into a few drawings. One of the drawings is for this beautiful wreath made by Jennie at You Have Arrived Decor.

I hope you enjoy the porch tour.

XOXO Chris

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