Creating a Table Scape

The season is upon us, where you are sitting down and sharing a meal with friends and family more in the next 2 months than any other time of year. I love this time of year even though it is a busy time, it is also the time to slow down and soak up every minute you get with friends and family.

How many of you like to layer clothes this time of year? I do! I love all the different textures and patterns and most of the time I can hide that mid section roll. Even though tables don’t have that mid section roll they do look prettier layered too. Watch as I take a table from pretty to festive by just adding different elements. Not only am I showing you how by layering adds ambiance, I am going to show you how you can either dress the table rustic or glam by using the same floral centerpiece. The flower arrangement is a basic bouquet with a few roses, mostly alstroemerias lilies and red hypericum berries. The bouquet is beautiful on its own but watch how the table transforms when adding different elements.

In the above I was going for a more rustic look. You can start to achieve this rustic look by adding a burlap runner and then adding another layer of some rustic wood. Now to add another lay of rustic I chose to bring in iron candle sticks, heighten the bouquet by bringing in som twigs and add visual interest on the rustic boards.

You could add more visual interest by adding more candles wrapped in burlap and twine, you could also add little menu boards, little pictures of your guests and when you actually set the table it even becomes full and more beautiful. If I sat this table using my dishes it would be so distracting and you all would laugh, cause 1) my dishes are not pretty and 2) they don’t even match 😂

Here is my finished Table scape. I opted for the iron candle sticks to balance the weight of the rustic farm boards I just tossed out a few mini guards and pumpkins. I will probably add a few more candles and toss out some fall leaves. I may even get matching dishes.

Glam Style using the same floral bouquet

Let’s jump in by seeing what is like with just candles. I glammed up pillar candles with some gold glitter, click the link further down to see how I made those sparkling gems. By the way those would be great gifts. When you gather some champagne satin fabric it sets it over the top. Also, raised the bouquet on a beautiful white cake stand. When you set your table with beautiful charger plates, add your dishes and stem ware you will have a new look and a beautiful table. Also notice removed the twigs from the bouquet.

Click link to see how to glam up your own candles.

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