Decorating Dilemma

Are you struggling with a decorating dilemma? The phase between Christmas and Spring. Let's just face it, it's awkward. Sure, Valentine's is right around the corner. But your home is feeling empty. Christmas is such a beautiful time, with the twinkly lights (which I think lights makes everything magical) But now the magic is packed away and we are left with drab. So here are just a few tips to get your home to feeling good again.

1) Don't pack all those pinecones away just yet. Just add a bit of reindeer moss to a few pine cones in a lantern and it changes the look,

Reindeer moss feels spongy but the citrus/olive green is so fresh.

2) Add fresh plant. Now I don't have a green thumb so this is a easy to care for plant.

I call it a Mother in law tongue but many others know it as a snake plant. This type of plant is known to be good air purifiers. If you do question your plant life capabilities go for a artificial.

3) Don't put away those chunky throws just yet, we still have time to cozy up with the fireplace going and a good book or movie on.

4) Declutter, change out or update your photo frames.

5) Embrace the Less is more statement. During this transition maybe its time to simplify by having minimal things collecting dust. Go monochromatic by adding few white dishes and fresh or artificial green plants. By doing this, it makes a fresh clean statement.

How ever you chose to decorate or get you thru this phase of styling your home.

Be happy, be grateful and bring joy to others.

Love, Chris


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