Farts stuck in your sofa cushions?

Have you thought if you could only wash your sofa cushions. I am going to ease your mind and tell you to go for it. I am going to show you how to get your sofa put back together after washing.

My creative and talented Momma was a upholsterer and a great one, when I was probably 8 years olds she gave me the job of not only putting the tacks on her tack hammer but also putting the cushions back into the seat covers. I haven’t done that job for probably 30 + years. Then my son spilled something all over the couch cushion Sunday and I had to wash the cushion cover and air the cushion out. I washed the cushion cover - but stop right there DO NOT DRY IT!!! Only air dry!! Cause that would be really, really bad if you dry it and it shrunk up to half its size. That would be real bad. Watch below on how to get your cushion back into its cushion cover. Now you can add another item to clean to your cleaning list. Sorry about that, but you will thank me later. Just think of those Silent but violent farts or maybe not so silent farts that are trapped in your cushion covers.

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