First Annual Holiday Porch Tour

So excited to tell about the 1st Annual Holiday Porch Tour. Are you asking what this is all about? GREAT!! let me tell you.

Above is a snippet of my porch, it will go thru many changes before it is just right.

The Holiday Porch Tour was a idea during the Covid Shutdown. Many of us were either getting our house decluttered (well not me, I should have been) putting puzzles together or when the 4 walls were closing in got in the car and just went for a drive. Was that you? I'd drive, actually I rode and started noticing porches and thinking the love of the front porch had been lost and how can we bring that back? My love for decorating especially for Christmas went into high gear. If I love to see how people decorate, wouldn't others? After being shot down, some telling me my idea was nuts and people looking at me crazy. I got a few saying not a bad idea. I had already come to the idea of No not doing it, maybe I was a little crazy. Then came the phone call from my dear friend Patti. She said you know that idea you thru out there while back. I think you should do it. My reply was: YOU DO??? and therefore she became the committee. HA...HA.. I talked to another friend Patty and Me and the Patti'(s) were off and running. We rounded up nearly close to 20 houses and businesses and here we go. I wanted to be able to give back. We decided to sell the map when the time comes in hopes to be able to provide Christmas to at least 3 families that are hurting this season, by the Covid shutdown or going thru a hard time. The nomination page is now open under the tab Holiday Porch Tour.

I hope you will stay tuned weekly to learn how you can take the tour and support our efforts.

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