Good Riddance 2020 but THANK YOU

Are you ready to kick 2020 to the curb and ring in 2021? I know 2020 has brought on a lot of struggle, hurt, and anxiety to many people. I hope 2021 will bring many positive changes for us all. Every Year about this time I start thinking about how I'd like the next year to look. I set goals and I work hard and strive to obtain them. I do this by making a vision board. I place several around the home, in the car, on my phone to make sure I see it everyday. If you haven't done this I can help.

I build my board in a app called Canva. I start by thinking BIG! It doesn't hurt to dream. I will then google a picture of that idea or wildest dream and upload it. I do this until I have my vision for the year complete. Here is my 2020 board.

Let me explain my board. My husband kept telling me to buy a Tesla, for fun I put it on there. I wanted to have 35 real estate transactions this year. I wanted to grow spiritually, build my Kansas Design/sign business. I wanted to make sure my family knew they were my priority.

I wanted to travel and explore more. Exercise get back to running, (What I used to love) I wanted to grow my savings account.

Here is what actually happened.

I ordered a Tesla Model Y in August and picked it up Sept. 5th.

I assisted in 28 sales and buys of homes so I came up short for that goal. From church I joined a couples small group which we discuss the bible, I didn't work on Kansas signs but did something much bigger and out of my comfort zone and organized a porch tour that helped 11 families this Christmas season. (I had no idea I was capable of such a task.) Exercising and running did take a back seat. I did save some money but not as much as wanted but I did not go into debt. Due to covid and things being cancelled and shut down, we were able to have more uninterrupted family time. We spent the time playing games, going on nature hikes, puzzles, and binge watching Netflix. I am sorry this pandemic has changed lives, taken lives and have left many people suffering. But, I need to also have some gratitude for the change. It forced us all to slow down, be creative in how we do things and for me it brought family together.

Here is what I am working toward in 2021. It may be bold but if I don't try I will sell myself short.

God will always come first, my Momma instilled deep faith in me and I run to my father in Heaven for everything. I am going to put my health before my family. Yes, I did say that and put it out there in black and white. I have type 2 diabetes and if I don't start putting my health first I won't be here to enjoy my family. Of course I'd love to travel if it becomes safe to do so, building a savings to retire will always be on there, its not only to save it is to also be able to help others when we can, I kept my goal at working toward to working with clients that become family in buying and selling homes. And with all that being said. I just want to be happy. What makes you the happiest? I have found great joy which I think is happiness when I am giving and serving others.

I hope you all will consider creating your own vision board. You will be amazed at what you can and will accomplish. If you have questions about creating one please reach out to me. I will include my email and my number if you chose to call or text. You can always dial me up I'd love to grab lunch or a cup of coffee or something.

Cheers to saying adios to 2020 and Cheers to 2021. Let's do this



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