Instant Decision

Since I closed my store front in 2002 to work from home and have babies there has been something missing. I loved being around people, loved sharing my creativity with others. I didn’t know much about the internet back then, well shoot I still don’t know a lot of things about the World Wide Web. I just know how to make things pretty. Since I became a realtor in Topeka and started seeing a lot of interiors lets just say I saw the need, the need for someone to help make homes happy by making them pretty and functional again. I got the bug to start decorating again, when I designed and decorated a room at the 2019 ERC Designer Show House. Let me tell you the bug was getting harder and harder to put to sleep. As we are quickly approaching the holidays and needing to get a few items to decorate the corporate offices I decorate. I decided almost instantly that it was time to let the bug come to life. After much prayer and very little thought. I jumped on a plane literally I booked my flight on a Monday night and flew the next day.

When I make a decision I just go and figure the details out later. Now don’t be getting any ideas that my life is spontaneous and exciting, my life is not exciting it’s total chaos. LOL I do best under pressure and flying by the seat of my pants. Hope you will join me on this ride.

I arrived in Dallas and hit the ground running literally I hit the ground running from the moment I woke up at 3am to catch my flight and got the rail system figured out once in Dallas. Do you know that nobody at the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport could tell me where to find the Rail. They looked at me like I was from another planet. Anyway, I found it myself and was on my way. I walked 12 miles in one day and spent way to much money.

I will be bringing to you some amazing products, that range from $2-$1200. I hope and pray that you will enjoy this little pop up shop, be inspired and feel the love.



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