Is this year Flying by? Do you feel out of control?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Wow this year is going crazy fast. Do you feel that way or am I just out of control?

I have a to do list a mile long, a want to do list, I created a honey do list and a want to create and learn list. I am out of control. And I want it all now - Geez I am turning into a instant gratification millennial. Maybe I am just jealous of their tech savviness (is that a word).

Growing up I only had a computer at school and it was one of those big box thing where the only the color on it was green and letters were boxy. Shoot, I remember when we got a microwave in the house. Now, that was something and oh and life changing. How did we live before a microwave? Then the beloved bag phone only use in case of a emergency. Now we can't live without have a tiny little computer in our purse or pocket. The good ol' days were good and fun to reminisce. But I like the direction I'm heading. I hope you will stick with me as a I learn this tech stuff as I am catching up what the world has been doing but I promise to give you creative ideas on how to create fun DIY projects for your home, give you decorating inspirations on a budget and so much more. Please hang with us as I work on this creative outlet.



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