It's Fall at The White Linen

Hey friends just got done decking out the windows at White Linen for FALL.

The season is upon us. By the time your reading this- there could be less but there is only 97 days until year end. What?? I didn’t mean to overwhelm you with a panic attack like I did myself. Good thing I got this handy dandy watch that tells me to breathe. If your anything like me and I know you are, cause your human and probably wear pants 😜. You may of had a slight panic attack of hearing there is 97 days left and you immediately thought of everything you want to get done! Anyway relax- we will get you thru the holidays with some holiday decorating inspiration maybe some tips, maybe some hacks and maybe not let’s get real I get so into things I forget to share everything so just give me a shout out and ask questions. I’m a open book. Decorating at the White Linen is always fun.

Chef Adam allows me to be creative and do whatever I desire. I use his cookbooks to create interesting layers and height in the window. Go check it out! If you want a unique dining experience with the most amazing food and atmosphere ever it’s a must go date night. Yep date your spouse your significant other, that special someone. Do it. Here is his fall menu- YUM!

Check out my Decor tab on the website to see all of my White Linen Designs!



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