Learning to be Still and just BE

I am learning to be still. The end of 2020 my world came to a screeching halt. 😢 Many of you know I am a person always needing to be busy. I am one of those people that likes to have my plate so full its spilling off the side full. The busier I am the more productive I am and I do better when my brain is spinning with a million things going. I focus better how is that? One of my goals for 2021 was to take my health back. I am a diabetic and I really needed to make sure I got into a workout routine😅 and stick with it. I decided to follow a workout a friend and her husband had been doing and they loved it so I grabbed “Over The Edge” workout. A workout created by Chris Downing and I was excited to give it a try so I plugged it in a few day before we were actually going to start and give it a try. Well about the 2nd rep on the burpee’s I kicked back and I don’t know if it was the kick back or if when I hit a cabinet or both but my Achilles Tendon snapped. The pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I hope to never experience it ever again. (I said I rather deliver 10 babies all natural before I experience a Achilles rupture again.) I learned a couple things in the tail end of 2020, the year we all just wanted to go away. I learned burpees are the devil and our insurance SUCKS! That’s a whole different can of warms, but I certainly have my opinion on this insurance and I am not sure you can even call it insurance.

With being still I am learning to delegate tasks, ask for help, and relying on others. With all that my patience and trust is being tested.

I had surgery Jan. 5th and I am told no weight on my foot for at least 10 weeks. SAY WHAT!! Can’t I just have a boot and lets go. I never knew that this is a year road to recovery and not to ever expect to come back 100%. WHAT??? A YEAR! Everybody I have talked to that I found out that has had this injury say yep its a long road getting back.

This story gets even better, no kidding I can’t make this up, 9 days after surgery for the Achilles I fall because I didn’t ask for help. I must of been feeling like superwoman or something. But I tripped hopping on my own and fell I protected the already damaged foot however somehow managed the good foot. Can you believe that. I am telling you I can’t make this up.

The Prompt care people couldn’t believe it and felt so bad when they told me it was broke. Then I headed back to orthopedic and they too are confused for which foot they are to look at and at this point I can only laugh because it is unbelievable. Who does this? I actually have 2 friends that have broken both feet and or ankles at the same time so I guess I keep in good company.😂. I have surgery Tuesday the 26th to put a screw in the left foot and then completely off my feet for 2 weeks. I will never take my feet, walking, driving and everything else that require feet for granted.

My husband, Wayne is the best he is doing everything to make it easier on me and him in helping me. He knows I am super independent that he wants to help me keep my independence.

He has been busy waiting on me hand and foot and widening doors into the bathroom.

I am disappointed I wanted to get in the best shape of my life run another half marathon, that will wait but I do have it on calendar for May 2022.

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