Making your home warm and cozy for Fall

Click on the link below and take a mini tour of my living room

It was cool and fell right into the fall mood over the weekend and had some fun decorating. .

Here are few ideas to make your home warm and cozy this season.

Start with your front door and or porch and set the expectation. Decorating the door sets the tone for what your friends, family and guests will be walking into.

Adding lamps with warm lighting creates a warm ambiance. Additional lighting is nice especially as the days get shorter. Me personally are not looking to it getting dark earlier in the day. (Insert sniffles)

In the fall I love to layer my clothing, I also like to layer items on my tabletops to add interest. Here in the video you will grab a sneak peak into my home and see I how I used a scrap of burlap and wood to do just that. By adding these layers you are adding another layer of design enhancement and interest.

Where some people go pumpkin spice I go apple spice or anything Apple. By adding scented candles, in creates not only a fragrant room but more comforting and relaxing. (Also a conversation starter especially if the candle smells amazing). Remember to practice candle safety and extinguish your candle before leaving.

Always layer your sofa to be inviting with a fresh fall throw and some fun pillows.

This year I wanted to do something different with my fireplace mantle and chose to take the décor up and not across.Follow the pictures to see how I transformed and created the mantle design.

How do you like to decorate for fall?

Chat Soon

Chris Page

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