Making your Laundry Room FUN!

This week I teamed up with a good friend and interior designer Leslie Hunsicker. Leslie owns and of course top designer of her company Leslie Hunsicker Interiors.

Leslie has been doing a lot of laundry rooms recently. We spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms so why not make them look pretty. That prompted me to ask what are some must haves for a laundry room, besides the obvious washer and dryer.😂

First up. Hanging rod and a wall mounted drying rack. The wall mounted drying rack takes up minimal space, is a great place to hang your delicates and plus it looks cool. I found this one at Amazon.

If you are blessed with the space to have cabinets with counter space definitely install a sink even if it is a small bar sink. Having a additional water resource is helpful whether you are soaking those baseball pants or filling the water bowl for your pets. Having a countertop space lends to a area to fold laundry. If you are not so lucky to have countertops then make sure you add a topper to your front loaders to give you a nice solid surface for work space.

Or be like me and fold off your bed. I generally have a mountain of laundry to be folded.🤦🏼‍♀️

You see this work surface has doubled as a mini bar. Maybe there is a mancave or woman’s hideout kids definitely won’t find the liquor in the laundry room. Shhhh…. That’s where I hide mine too along with the cleaning supplies cause Lord help us if the kids were to clean or do the laundry the world just may come to the end.

Below is designed by Leslie Hunsicker

Essentials for a enjoyable laundry room.

  1. drying rack and hanging rod.

  2. countertops or solid surface over front loading machines

  3. sink

  4. cabinets to hide cleaning supplies or liquor 🥃

  5. laundry baskets these below would be functional but I tend to go for something more cute. Scroll for my choice.

Now that you have the essentials its time to accent your laundry room. Check out this fun sign. You can find them on Etsy or I am happy to create and customize one just for you.

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