New Adventures!

Hey friends! I am super excited about this little adventure as I fly by the seat of my pants and if you know me no plan is generally my best plan. I hope you will tag along with me on this one.

If I can let me start this exciting news with a little back story. But if you want to cut to the chase just scroll down to the BOLD PRINT.

Many of you know that I at one time (17 years ago) had a cute little gift shop here in Topeka. However, before I came to Topeka in 1993 I open a floral and gift shop at the age of 19 in Nortonville, KS., my hometown. The shop was known as Chinell’s. In Topeka Chinell’s we were located at Hunter’s Ridge at 46th and 75 Hwy. I closed the shop in 2002 becoming a Mommy which lead me to focus on the wedding and event business. Fast forward 17 years. I sold Chinell’s 2 years ago to a wonderful gal. Ariel is doing great things and bringing many happy memories to people thru her design. I went on a new journey and joined Realty Professionals as a real estate agent in 2016 and have flourished at being a real estate agen.t I am loving this career, however if you know me I am very creative and artistic. You want something made I am your gal. When I am designing and creating I am so alive. A lot of times I just can’t stop and will end up “playing” thru the night as we speak it was 3am before I even tried to go to bed. Then up and at it in the morning. I know, I know it’s not healthy and I don’t do that all the time. Right now I am just excited!!

The itch was so hard to just keep scratching that on a Monday Night I told Wayne you know it’s Designer Week at the Dallas Market and here is what I want to do. He said go for it but find a location, I said I will figure that out later. He wasn’t going for my initial idea but things always have a way of working out. He just loves going along with my schemes. HA! HA!


I will be opening a pop up shop above my dear friend’s business. Jen owns the wildly popular Pinkadilly in NOTO. Jen, has been so great and gracious to me to let me utilize the upstairs to test this adventure, and let me scratch that itch that has been working its way to the surface for 17 years. Chris Page Designs will overtake the upstairs that is 23 steps to another world of amazing where you will find homemade signs that my friends and I make and A TON of household wares and furniture. Here is a few samples of what will be coming first Friday NOV.1.

I am the only shop within 50+ miles to carry this beautiful line of furniture and décor. Can’t wait to share more and more with you. If you would like jump on our mailing list for special events, discounts and design inspirations.

Click HERE to leave your info.

As for me, I can’t wait to see you All Nov.1. Check back often to see if we are able to hold a special event prior to Nov. 1 – I have no details cause I am flying by the seat of my pants.



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