One of many stories, in my first 5 years as a realtor

As I was entering into my Real Estate carrier 5 years ago. I had heard some awful stories about what realtors went through with homes and people. I had many friends say ‘are your sure you want to jump into this?‘ Yep, I was sure. I left my comfort zone, and something that I was really great at and dove head first into Real Estate. Over the course of the past 5 years people ask which I liked more. I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the wedding business, I loved the brides, their families, the vendors and I loved being creative. Real Estate has challenged me in a different kind of creative. In real estate I have learned to use words carefully, how to creatively talk to clients, how to write a description of a home, how to be fierce in negotiations, and my fave, how to help clients prep their home for sale.

Over the course of 5 years I have experienced and learned A LOT! Septics, roofs, fireplaces, chimneys, erosion and more. But let me tell you about one heck of a experience that nobody wants to have a seller go through. Brace yourself cause this is doozy.

I had a family buy a house sounds normal right well it was, but if you understand anything about Murphy’s law your heart will just sink. Picture this a family moves into a beautiful home, some things happen and family needs to put the house back on the market. During this time they move out, back to their original home. Seasons were changing and things were put in place to protect the home, so we thought. On a Sunday afternoon I get a call from the neighbors of this home on the market and The story goes like this. Hey Chris, you have the house listed next door to ours and you might want to get over here, there is water running out of the front door and down the stairs. SAY WHAT? So I rush over there with my husband in tow and sure enough water is pouring out the front door of a split level home. My husband and I run and get the water main shut off (Always know where the water main is ) and contact the homeowners. The damage is already done. Where was all this water coming from? A pipe didn’t break but pulled apart from a fitting under the kitchen sink and water was spewing everywhere. Water was already at mid calf of my leg when standing in the basement, the basement ceiling drywall falling, the walls were saturated it was beyond awful. The homeowners were so overwhelmed and asked me to take charge. I said yep we got it you go call the insurance. My husband and I got the shop vac and started sucking water, called in some reinforcement help and moved forward. Later, that evening we reconvene with the home owner in the home as getting the last of the water out and fans running we access the damage and devise a game plan. Oh... and this all happened while the house was under contract and set to close in 3 weeks!! Can this get any worse. Our game plan was get the insurance co. there immediately. The insurance Co. had Serve Pro deployed immediately. It was impressive how fast Serve Pro got there and how the crew worked and got the place dried out, and gutted.

This house was gutted down to the studS. The buyers came in and saw it and didn’t run away from the contract. I think cause we gave them the opportunity to pick some finishes within reason. During the drying time we interviewed contractors and nobody was going to be able to come close in meeting the closing deadline, fortunately the seller’s grandson worked with someone that had just opened their own contracting business in KC and was willing to take this project on. Him and team of one worked day and night to meet the closing deadline. Did we make it Oh Yeah we did!!

Thanks to Matthew Watson owner of Watson Renovations LLC grew up in Shawnee Co. and dedicated worker.

I have so many good things about this guy and his worker. They drove in from KC was here at crack of dawn and didn’t leave until after the sun went down. They poured every ounce of energy into this project to meet closing day. I don’t know if he even knows how much I appreciated him and his dedication to this project but he went above and beyond. I am so glad our paths crossed and he will always be a trusted contractor in my “Rolodex”. If you are in need of a trusted guy/crew to have work done in your home or around your home please look up Watson Renovations LLC at 913-238-5232 or find them on FB at Watson Renovations LLC. The closing of this sale was rewarding. Getting to meet new people, see others in their profession, and even though a short time the seller’s lived in the home they got a little bit of money. After going thru this no sale of a home is too big for me to handle. It’s all about getting back to my creative roots.

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