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Updated: Mar 5

Welcome to Page Points where we I will talk about real estate, give you some info on neighborhoods, throw is some DIY cause I am so crafty and I will introduce you to a fewclient I’ve helped and who knows what else. But it’s guaranteed to give your some reading entertainment even if it is in finding how many grammar mistakes and typos. Those two things in the English language I was not blessed with correct grammar or punctuation so hang on sentences may run together. WELCOME TO PAGE POINTS!

I had listed 2 great homes in the Seaman Community, a beautifully newly built home in Sterling Chase that belongs to one of my besties, and another home that is brand new but has retained that 1970 shell. Kinda like myself 😂 I’m in a 1970 body but I am working on healing a couple new feet.

Anyway these beautiful homes sold before the newsletter got out which I am happy to say we have happy sellers. They are ready to move to their next location.

Click the link above it will take you to the listing so you can learn more about the home and copy the link to share with someone you might know wanting to move. My bestie is a great decorator and knows the trends so this home is top notch and up to date.

I have to share is this house at 5521 NW Green Hills Rd. I put this home on the market added a little bit of staging and brought in the pro when it comes to photographer and sold this next house over asking price in a day. Wahoo! Woah rewind in a day. Yes we did this home I watched and watched and actually considered it to be our next flip but decided I didn’t have time and just wasn’t ready but the sweetest people bought it they had the time and the know how and it turned out just beautifully. They took this home down to a shell. Meaning they gutted that bad boy and left nothin’ and I mean nothin’ in it. They took out the sheetrock, the insulation, wiring, plumbing and this entire house is new it’s just in a 1970 frame. A lucky couple saw the value of this gem and jumped on it. Welcome them to the neighborhood come March

I want to introduce you to the most patient and most kind couple. Connie and Ronnie, they had been patiently looking for a home here in the Topeka area for 4 years. I had worked with them for 3 years and we finally have found them a home to make their own. Please meet Connie and Ronnie. Boy howdy this couple was fun, they truly have become family. I bet we could spend a day telling you stories about the homes we saw. I recall one that I almost losing my footing and nearly plummeting over the edge of a concrete wall, or about a house that smelled so bad we didn't go in.

Connie and Ronnie own RC Kettle Corn you may find them set up outside Orscheln Farm Store and local area Festivals. We sure hope to have more festivals this year. They sell many different flavors of Kettle Corn. Their flavors includes: Carmel Apple which I hear is amazing, the popular Cinnamon, Cheddar and good Ol’ Kettle Corn.

I am sure I am. missing a few flavors. So you will need to see for yourself.

I hope you will connect and follow them on Facebook @ Poppin 4 U 2 Kettle Corn

They are also known to help groups or individuals with fundraisers.

You can reach Connie or Ronnie with your Kettle Corn order at or

by phone/text 1-620-340-7328 or 1-620-341-0812

I hope you have enjoyed the first Page Points. I am open to suggestions on topics, and critiques.

Always remember if you no of anybody needing help buying or selling a home. I am your gal. In the mean time stay well, stay warm and always be kind.



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