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Do you want to sell your home or be prepared for when you do? That's what I thought. Let's work on how to attract those buyers. Whether you are selling your home on your own, which really is a waste of your time and much more of a hassle than your recognize. Says nearly 100% of For Sale By Owners (FSBO) that I have spoken to over the course of my 5 years in the business. Let the the professionals handle it. 9/10 we will get you more money for your home, save you time, money and the stress of selling. Real Estate agents relieve you of the laundry list of to do's that goes into selling or buying a home and we have the skills to negotiate the contract for you.

Let's chat about how we are going to attract buyers to your home thru photography and staging. Do you think your a ok photographer? Yeah, me too. That was until I saw someone with a trained and skilled eye that new how to brighten a dreary room. Look at these before and after and you tell me which would draw you into see the home.

Now what picture do you feel more drawn to? The photo on the left feels cold and uninviting where the picture on the right reels me in. I wants to see more. That could also have something to do with simple staging. Just by accenting the focal area of the room it does invite you in. Leaves you wanting to see more. Ok, lets see another part of the home to give you another example.

In the above pictures again you will see amateur has a nice picture but what does it show? Where in the Pro picture shows a large space, the architectural details in the ceiling, the size and space, while still having that warm and inviting feel by capturing the right light and a little bit of staging. I want to see more how about you? Another thing I want your to notice between the two pictures. Go ahead look real close. Can you see it? Look at how the amateur picture of the cabinets looks like the cabinets have 2 different shades or tints, where the pro's seem to stay the same color. Looks good. I am telling you a photographer is money well spent. You are appealing to more of an audience instead of losing someone on a click. Below are a few more fun examples of photos to capture of your home to grab people's attention.

These photos above are good representation of up close and personal. You can see the details in the granite, the cabinetry and the stair railing details. How these are taken are very inviting, drawing that potential buyer in saying "I want to see more, lets schedule a appointment." Let's look at one more.

Can you believe that the two pictures above are showing the same bathroom? Yeah me neither but they are. See by adjusting the light, and adding simple accents such as a fake $5 plant and a $2 towel and by all means the lighting makes this say let me see more. By the way that mirror is the bomb. I've got to go find one for myself.

There you have it folks. The moral of this story is a photographer and a stager are worth their weight in gold. (isn't that the saying?) Chances are by hiring a realtor that can accomplish this, releasing you of that additional stress, you are going to get your home sold faster and for top dollar because pictures sell. Pictures and staging sell. Period, the homier (is that a word) your home feels will draws people to that next step of getting a showing appointment so see your space and making that buying offer. I hope this helps you understand people buy what they see and if they see dark, dreary photos of your home most likely they will say "next" and not waste their time coming to see it. You got to get them in to buy.

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