Pop Up Shop!

It has been a whirl wind of hustle to get this Pop Up Shop ready. This wild idea has taken me on a ride and we are set for a journey. No plan, No idea if this will even work. Just riding on a prayer. I have invested my saving (so I am praying real hard this doesn’t fail me) I am super excited and have been diligently busy creating a space for you to love and find inspiration. I know my taste is not for everybody and that’s ok. I hope to meet many of you that visit the space. My wish for you, is that you will get a little inspired by something you see.

How did this all come about?

If you know me I fly by the seat of my pants. I never come to the table with a plan just a wild hair. I may say no to something one day and 2 days later I am doing it. One thing many people know about me and I know about myself is that YES I am flighty. At first I didn’t like people calling me “flighty”. But, flighty has worked for me. It keeps me creative, on my toes and continuously striving for more. Let’s just say things never get old for me. It may be a little frustrating for my family, but I have noticed it has shown my kids that Mom can do anything she puts her mind to. However, my Mom guilt steps in and I feel bad that I don’t spend more time with them. It’s quality not quantity— right? They are teenagers and they pretty much write me off anyway, until they want something. Typical teen, but I do love how they come back with their big hugs or want to sit on my lap and be with me. Excuse the sap, back to the POP UP. Monday, October 2nd and the shipments start to arrive. I received 6 pallets in 2 days and plan to open in 1 week. I hit the ground running. Pricing, displaying, designing, selling real estate and back to displaying. I have the best husband ever. Wayne has taken on the home front. That includes 2 of our own teenagers, 2 foreign exchange students also teenagers and 2 dogs. Not to mention he helped unload boxes, move things around AND put a few items together. He is a good man AND I am super blessed to call him mine.

For your first shopping experience click here—>

I am 10 days in and almost ready for people to walk in, and even buy online. That is really exciting to me. When you make it up the 23 steps you will be greeted by most likely my daughter Hannah and/or my foreign exchange daughter Noemi.

I hope and pray this little pop up shop will be one that you treasure.

XOXO Chris

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