Updated: May 7

Listing your home can be a daunting and possibly a emotional journey. Whatever journey your on, take these tips to heart.

When listing your home there are a few things I’d like to share for your awareness. This is not to scare you but bring some thoughts to the forefront. We all want to believe 99.9% people out there are good, mean well or have good intentions. I mean I want to believe and trust that. As a real estate agent I need to protect myself and protect my clients. Here is a list of items to remove from your home before people come thru it by a private showing especially for a open house.

Garage Door Remote(s): Remove your remotes if you have a extra in your house. Garage remotes could be easily snatched and now someone has access to your home if your garage is directly connected to your home. Remember we are opening your house to people we do not know. As a realtor, I nor any other agent will follow them around the home just for a safety. Agents are taught to not put ourselves in a position of not being able to get away if trouble were to strike. Now, as a private showing we have gotten to know who we are showing homes to and will most likely be walking thru the home with the client.

Prescription Drugs: Take your medication with you. You never know who is needing to get their next high or if selling them. The label on the drug also may give too much information you care to share.

Guns and Weapons: Remove and weapons. Leaving a weapon tucked away in a drawer during a showing or open house is creating a recipe for disaster. Let me remind you we do not generally know what kind of people are coming thru your home.

Jewelry: I see this all the time. Please, please pack up your jewelry and place in safe keeping. It would be so easy for someone to pick it up and slip into pocket and gone forever.

Cell Phones: This actually happened at one of my open houses fortunately we were able to recover it. There was a cell phone left out that was used as a back up phone of the families. It was snagged by a teenager coming thru with parents. Phones carry so much confidential information on them anymore please just make sure they are out of sight out of mind and tucked away.

Animals and Reptiles: Remove them and their evidence of animals in the home. Of course we need to disclose that you have animals but lets not remind them . Some people may have very sensitive allergies. Remove cat litter boxes, crates and kennels and pick up their feeding dishes. And, definitely take ”Spot” with you. We don’t want to take the chances of growling, and barking dogs wanting to protect their property. Now as for reptiles please just remove them. We want to leave a great first impression. Lets also make sure to clean up any messes the pet may have left behind.

Identity: With Identity theft on the rise make sure you pack away anything that may have your full name. Such as displayed diplomas, mail and those prescription drugs.

I hope this will help protect you as you go thru the selling process. The world continues to change and without knowing the types of people looking we need to think differently in protecting our families and our properties.

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