This housing market is CRAZY

Are you familiar with what is going on in the housing market? It seems to be the talk. People getting 20k-30k or even more over asking price. Do you want my opinion? Prob. not but lets chat anyway. Are you willing to sell and pay up for your next house? If you have been able to take advantage of the market and you had a plan on where you were going to lay your head after you close on your house, good for you. Shoot, I might even consider selling if I had a place to go. That's just it where would you go? Would you move in with family, do you have a place to park a camper? What would your plan be? I feel if I put our home on the market right now we nab several thousand more than what we paid for it but I love this place and won't be moving anytime soon.

If you sold how could you grab that over asking price? So with that said what does it take to get that over asking price? It is still about the location, and if your home has been well maintained and it shows and you have the eye for design you may just find that extra cash coming your way. Do you have all the cute updates with all the right touches? Then you my friend just may be sitting on gold and especially if your in the desired hood. Your home would be that home, where its got all us realtors running to be the first one in with pre-approval letters in hand, smoking pen from writing offers on the spot, and feeling defeated when you pull up with 50 cars lined up back to back. To only find out you are the 12th offer within the first hour of being on the market. Sigh.... Great for you!!

Lets play THIS or THAT. In the pictures below where would you rather spend your time? In THIS or THAT?

As you see I have chosen the rooms that sell your home. The kitchen, bath, living room and the primary bedroom. (Did you know? We no longer can call it the Master Bedroom)

You can take each of these rooms and update them very simply. In my next blog I will strip each of the dated room and tell you how to achieve a stylish and updated room we are going to do this with champagne taste on a beer budget as they say.

So if you are wanting to grab all that extra cash out of your home let me tell you how. Follow along.

If you would like to know the value of your home give me a shout. I will come take a look and not only tell you what its worth in its current state I will give you some suggestions to squeeze a bit more out of it. Sounds like fun!

Scan the QR below it will take you right to my email and I will send you back what your home is worth. Let's have fun



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